Our Story

Once upon a time…

In the faraway Kingdom of London by the enchanting forest of Epping, lived a brother and sister called Aara & Eesa. They lived a happy life, full of playful days & restful nights.

One particular year the children were becoming exceedingly joyful as the day of their birth was approaching.  Their mother and father had promised them that for one day, they could be as royal as any prince or princess.

However, a dark shadow soon overtook their joy. The year continued to pass by and the children were beginning to despair as their parents searched far and wide, but could not find a gown nor garment to suit the beauty of their birthday ball…

Determined to make their own dreams come true, the family realised that the magic of creativity lay within. So they embarked on a wondrous adventure to create gowns and garments for themselves and all the children of every kingdom.

So Little Robes Royale was sewn from imagination, to grant fairytale wishes in every form, fabric and colour…

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