Partying Into Debt

As much as parties and celebrations are important, as much as we would love to sell millions of dresses, in this current climate it is important to focus on life as a whole.
The UK Government has this morning spoken about how some companies will see a boom after the pandemic begins to subside. The wedding industry being one of them. That’s great. Especially for companies like us with furloughed staff.
However, it’s crucial to note that none of us saw this pandemic coming. No one thought they would be living in a Hollywood blockbuster movie like #contagion or #outbreak
The reason we bring this up, is because we research all aspects of our industry to be fair to our followers and customers.
If our industry experiences a boom we look forward to it. Yet we must promote in a way that is ethical.
Avoiding price ballooning like so many in the leisure industry have done to make up for lost time. It will not be right to place our customers in a pressurised situation where we hold their perfect outfit to ransom.
Instead our industry can –
…extend opening hours (I understand there may be costs involved)
…offer extended services
…be honest about how prices will rise but keeping it to a minimum
…focus on the long term which is to encourage repeated custom and retention through great services provision
At we have always been honest about our prices. We also work within someone’s budget, often sourcing outfits if making them from scratch is too costly.
Research has shown that the ‘good vibes’ of special events are swiftly forgotten due the pressure of paying off the debt after the event.
This is normally due to the fact that priorities change. For example, after the sparkle of a wedding is over, the need to climb the property ladder quickly becomes apparent.
Many wedding budgets often cost that of a deposit for a house.
30% of couples in UK are in debt according to the #Insider after their wedding with the average wedding costing £13800 and first Communion costing £600 according to #belfasttelegraph
Whatever you decide after lockdown, after the pandemic – even if a lot of us may feel the need to live life, splash out – have a think about your budget. This pandemic has shown us that lots of unexpected things can happen, where spare cash maybe needed.
If you would like any advice on debt contact Enjay Debt managers on 01708 854200 (no, they have not sponsored this blog, but we know they are a trusted company).
If you would like to discuss reducing your budget but still having great quality, please contact the team on 0203 740 5499