Dame Angela Lansbury Charity Collection

Our reel on Instagram to commemorate the late and celebrated actress Dame Angela Lansbury has gone from strength to strength. As we are Disney obsessed all we did was create a reel which celebrated her voice and performance power, specifically for the iconic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ song ‘Tale As Old As Time’. For us at Little Robes Royale she was a light in this world whom we shall sorely miss. Dame Angela Lansbury participated in many films over the years, our favourites included ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’ as well as ‘Anastasia’, she was quite literally the Grandmother of the acting world. She is close to our hearts as she was born in London (much like our company) and was a beautiful and elegant woman who stole the hearts of millions of fans across the world because she was one of the last surviving stars from the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood Cinema’.

To continue to celebrate her life we have created the Dame Angela Lansbury Collection, where 50% of the proceeds will be donated to her favourite charities and causes. The other 50% will go towards fair pay of the female staff who work tirelessly to bring the products to life. Fair pay was close to her heart as an actress and a working woman, because she supported women who had overcome domestic violence abuse as well as AIDS charities. In addition we have created a crystal encrusted awareness pin with a teapot at it’s centre and we will donate 95% of the proceeds of the sales to The National AIDS Trust.

Dear Dame Angela, we loved you, we celebrate you and thank you for your beautiful contributions to the entertainment industry xxx

All our products are made to the highest quality and are all customisable to your taste and style. You are able to choose the colour, material, pattern and corset style for our dresses and suits. Our size options range from one year old to fifteen years old depending on the product. We have a variety of different ranges and styles to suit any occasion.


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