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princess summer dress
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Princess Angel Lace

£120.99 Inc. VAT

Dear Subject Royale, 

Thank you for showing an interest in me!

My princess gown is…

  • an elegant lace neckline, multi-layered & short sleeve gown in blush pink
  • a dramatic angel styled skirt, all hand stitched
  • a dress with rich but comfortable tulle through-out
  • made of lace, tulle & satin fabric
  • embellished with lace fabric
  • available as 1 or 2 piece outfit
  • lovingly hand-made
  • Available in a variety of colours

Please note:

  • My lace & embellishments may differ slightly from the picture as I am made only for you!
  • Any head pieces displayed may be purchased in Jewels & Gems on our site
  • colours may differ slightly in real life
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