Seams To Dreams - Princess

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Princess Serene Sequin

£179.97 Inc. VAT

Dear Subject Royale, 

Thank you for showing an interest in me!

My princess gown is…

  • a classic round neckline, mid-length & short sleeve dress available in many colour combinations
  • a dramatic princess puff skirt with a shiny sequin top to glam up any party scene
  • extra special because it is adaptable, the flower and beading detail is an option
  • a length adjustable dress, please request your length below
  • a dress with rich but comfortable chiffon and georgette through-out
  • made of sumptuous sequins, tulle & satin fabric
  • embellished with or without floral details
  • lovingly hand-made
  • Available in a variety of colours

Please note:

  • This dress comes plain – and does not come as pictured, you need to add the flowers & beading for it to look like the images provided
  • My lace & embellishments may differ slightly from the picture as I am made only for you!
  • Any head pieces displayed may be purchased in Jewels & Gems on our site
  • colours may differ slightly in real life
How to Measure

Flower Details

Option to have flowers & beading

Length Of Dress

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Colour Of Sequin Top & Lace Trim * 

The colour of the sequin top of this dress can be selected here, the lace trim on the bottom of the skirt will be automatically matched to this colour

Colour Of Skirt * 

Colour of skirt can be selected here

Size (Age)

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Fastening Option * 

Express delivery

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