Dancewear with the Little Robes Royale Touch – we have created a line of dancewear fit to represent your mindset on the dancefloor and let any judge know who you are at any dance competition. From disco diva’s to flippin’ freestylers our range of hoodies, leggings, joggers and T-shirts will allow you to not only stand out from a very large crowd of competitors, but you can add that extra sparkle by selecting from pearls or rhinestones embellishments to complete your dance look. You can even personalise your item by adding your name or the name of your dance school.

However, we don’t stop there! Are you a Dance Mum, Dad or Carer? No problem! You can choose from one of our products which are labelled just for parents in the dance industry! Funny slogans that only dance parent’s would understand!

At Little Robes Royale we Dance it, Dream it & Design it!