We create handmade, custom dresses, and accessories for special occasions including;

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Fancy Dress
  • Prom
  • Graduation
  • Christmas Parties
  • Religious Celebrations

All our products are made to the highest quality and are all customisable to your taste and style. You are able to choose the colour, material, pattern and corset style for our dresses and suits. Our size options range from one year old to fifteen years old depending on the product. We have a variety of different ranges and styles to suit any occasion. For all the Queens out there…



Once you place your initial order, you will receive an email with videos on how to measure accurately. Please leave a 3 cm gap when measuring! Please note that alterations may still be required after outfit has been received.

Visit our Measurements page for more information.


Our Products